I get alot of questions from my lovely subscribers.
I will do my best to answer them here in my FAQ (frequently asked Questions) section.

*What Camera do you use to take your photos ?*

I shoot with a Canon EOS Digital SLR. I have 2 lenses I switch in and out of.
I am still saving for even better lenses. Im shopping around for a fisheye lens!


*What Camera Do You Use To Film Video For YouTube ?*

I use a Sony Cybershot 12.1 mgp camera.
Its VERY idiot proof and the only camera to my knowledge that works with windows movie maker.
It takes great photos and is on the "cheaper" side of things. I think 2 years ago I paid $200.00 for mine and I still love it to pieces. When I don't feel like lugging around my giant Canon EOS, I can pack my little sony and STILL be happy with the photos! So any sony camera should hook you up!

*Can I model for you ?*

You would be shocked just HOW often I am asked this.
I think its VERY flattering! However, unless we are in the same place at the same time , its sort of impossible for that to happen. LOL!
When I get my name out there a little more and have the finances to travel then maybe we can talk! ^_^

*Do you take requests on makeup looks ?*

I sure do!
I love being sent ideas , or color combos.
I also love it when people tell me about makeup brands I never knew about before.
(please only tell me about cruelty free makeup from now on)

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