About me

A girl with a few passions in life
Fun Facts:

The name is Somar
 I am a photographer based out of Florida.

I have an addiction to collecting and playing in makeup.

I LOVE taking pictures. I rock a Canon SLR.

I love playing guitar and singing. I had nearly 5 years of vocal training.

I LOVE animals and I'm trying to become vegan.
I have stopped eating all meat besides poultry and fish.
I hope to soon give up poultry.

I have a GIANT nail polish collection and you'll probably NEVER see me with naked nails.

I saw snow for the first time when I was 18 and wow. Just wow.

I have an amazing guy in my life, I could not have asked for anyone better.

I have LOTS of pets. 3 doggies (A Great Dane , Lab/Pit Mix , and a Mini Collie/ Shepherd mix),
 3 bunnies , and a 55 gallon fish tank.

I have a few best friends and they mean the WORLD to me!

All my friends are guys. This is because not many chicks have been cool enough for me to befriend.

I love reading. I have an humungo book collection and it's forever growing.

I'm lactose intolerant.

I'm a mutt.
  Mexican American / Pima Indian / White

I have been coloring my hair "weird" colors since I was 13.
I honestly don't know my real hair color anymore. I just know its dark lol.